Marriage what? Oh wait…Yes marriage for non mixed race couples only.

You may think you read a headline for 40 plus years ago. My parents are mixed race and this law directly affected them when they were young and in love. Although they were  Native and white and this law was mainly geared towards African American and White people. Nonetheless, like so many other laws now being hurried through Senates and Houses all over the Red States, we see an interesting amount of people saying …”Oh wait, you can’t do this. It isn’t right.”


People who formerly were un-involved in LGBT rights and issues, now suddenly are watching the media and the state laws a lot closer. They see the mess that was Jan Brewer’s making in Arizona. They read the fine print and they finally are starting to understand. The law was geared towards the LGBT population but was it? It gave the extreme Christian right the power to refuse service to people based on whether they thought their beloved Christianity was being violated. Now before you call me a Christian basher, I know plenty of good people that follow Christianity. The ones I am talking about here are the ones who forgot the “Judge not lest ye be judged” and “Beloved let us love one another” laws Christ gave to his disciples. There were no stipulations to these laws. For instance it doesn’t say “For God so love the straight white people…” Catch my drift?


Now here we are with the marriage equality issue. Marriage is not a Christian based or created ceremony. Marriage was practiced all over the  world thousands of years before Christianity existed by Indigenous people of all countries. In a bum rush to bring these Indigenous people to God, the church incorporated most of their rituals in to a Christian holiday. The participation level would be higher if they did so. Thus began the evolution of Christianity to the masses.


Now in 2014 Extremists don’t seem to understand that marriage is a right. It isn’t a voting issue. Yet they seek to (as in the 1960’s and before) decide who is Godly enough to join in marriage. Marriage is a civil contract. Period. PERIOD. If Christians of some faiths don’t believe in this “abomination” they don’t have to marry people in their churches. Although I want to be there on judgment day (if there is such a thing) to see the response by the Higher Up’s. Just for shits and giggles. I’m sure it won’t be pretty for them.


Separation of Church and State and all, the Federal Government has decided that DOMA sucks and they aren’t having it anymore.  Slowly as this issue, state by state, gets overturned the people in the Far Right Christian extreme are losing their minds. It’s kind of fun to watch the reality hit them over the head like a sack of bricks. (I’m still waiting for that idiot Rush Limbaugh to move to Costa Rica. Not that I would wish him on anyone honestly.) People aren’t tolerating the hatefulness anymore. With the growth of social media and such we see an upward swing in youth participation. We see what these sneaky bastards are trying to get away with in the Government and we don’t like it. Peoples’ voices are rising up yelling, “STOP IT!” Straight, LGBT, Minorities, Non Radical Christians.

So now we are here in 2014. What can we say for the last few years? Many positive steps have been taken forward. Many steps have been taken back. Racism is alive and well in the United States and around the Globe. Bigotry is rampant. The Far Right Extremists are screaming for Religious Freedom. Freedom to be bigots? Freedom to be preaching and teaching a hate the Founder of Christianity never stood for (Christ)? We’re making small steps. All the while people are funding bills to make it legal to bully, commit violence and hate LGBT people for simply existing. Marriage is only ONE small part of this whole fiasco.


My parents dodged a bullet by marrying a few years after everything was changed. Technically it wasn’t enforced for anyone but African and Caucasian Americans anyway. So here we go again with this never ending struggle to define what love is based on someone else’s definition of it and deserves it.


About Human Rights Advocate

Some people know me as the Fruit Fly! I used to host a radio show with a similar name. Now I am just Susan. I advocate for Human Rights because the world needs a voice. I founded a project called We Are 1 Voice" and we advocate for education, peaceful thinking and unity. We give people a Voice to be heard. Please see our blog project or visit
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