You have to wonder sometimes…

Seriously you have to wonder sometimes. I see things in the news and on TV and it horrifies me. I wonder how people can DO that stuff? Are they mentally ill? Are they on drugs? Are they a sociopath? How do you laugh in the face of children who walk thousands of miles just to be safe? As a parent of adopted children, how do you do that? How do you ruthlessly murder people in cold blood. Just because you don’t like the uniform they wear?


I have had friends screaming about the end of the world. Or the world as we know it. It’s scary stuff. Is it the end? I don’t think it is the proverbial “End” in the Biblical sense. It does frighten me though. It all seems to boil down to Politics. Sadly. Every single hateful thing has been political. I always say that true politics are actually somewhere down the middle of the 2 most famous parties. That it isn’t all Democratic or Republican. I think either of these parties unchecked can be dangerous to us as a country. The sad part is right now the Tea Party folks’ cheese has slid right off their cracker. They have completely alienated their conservative base and the politicians are acting ridiculous just to get elected. The have a whole news channel dedicated to their idiocy and their violence. (God help me for saying that “out loud” because now someone will probably send me death threats.)


It used to be in this country we were able to , even with the definition of parties, communicate about issues without massive violence. At least it seems that way. I really am moved to believe that the massive influx of social media has ruined it for everyone. Honestly, these people we read and hear about every day now, have probably always been there we just didn’t know it. Or know it soon enough.  So what is the solution? How do we fix this mess? Never has any man been more interested in a woman’s uterus than in the past 5 years. Never have people cared so much about football as they have since Michael Sam and the Redskins mascot fiasco. Why is it so difficult on such a very basic level to be humane and kind? You don’t have to agree with it. The point is it is someone’s life. You don’t get to run it. You don’t get to make decisions for them.  You don’t get to be an asshole about it when you don’t agree with it. You don’t get to randomly kill people because you didn’t get your way. It’s all gotten so out of control. I personally hold the extremists responsible for catering to this fiasco that is America. if you don’t like it, leave. I hear the Middle East caters to all the same beliefs as the Tea Party does. Maybe they would get along? You have to wonder sometimes…


About Human Rights Advocate

Some people know me as the Fruit Fly! I used to host a radio show with a similar name. Now I am just Susan. I advocate for Human Rights because the world needs a voice. I founded a project called We Are 1 Voice" and we advocate for education, peaceful thinking and unity. We give people a Voice to be heard. Please see our blog project or visit
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