5 Hardest Things To Come By As a Young Transperson

Amazing blog by my Transgender Youth blogger. Please read!

Voice of Transgender Youth

There’s a plethora of problems to deal with not living in skin your uncomfortable in. Your body namely doesn’t function the way you’d prefer it to, and then someone’s ALWAYS going to have an opinion on it. There’s no way to know for sure who you can be honest with, pre- and post-surgery, or if you could even tell them your name. But as a child, no matter the circumstances, you’re usually going to be treated like one. Parents especially should know that children and young adults are far more conscious of the world around us then given credit for. And so, we go without, which will start my 5 hardest things to come by as a young transman or transwoman.

5. Validation

“Honey, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
“I wanna be a boy like daddy!”

Did anyone else remember a soft chuckle and…

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Some people know me as the Fruit Fly! I used to host a radio show with a similar name. Now I am just Susan. I advocate for Human Rights because the world needs a voice. I founded a project called We Are 1 Voice" and we advocate for education, peaceful thinking and unity. We give people a Voice to be heard. Please see our blog project or visit weare1voice.org
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