Really? I mean seriously?

The title of this blog was my exact response to a letter I received today and a phone call I received last week. Both from a law office that couldn’t be any more irresponsible if their life depended on it. I have been waiting 2 years to receive information regarding my husband’s immigration case/ status. I was assured by said law office they would notify me as soon as he was eligible to apply for a particular Visa that was pending in legislation 3 years back.

National Visa Center never contacted me.

Law office never contacted me.

Last Thursday I got a phone call informing me I was about to lose everything I previously paid them for because well, I never contacted the NVC about my husband’s Visa.

The law office told me that after I filed his first stage of immigration paperwork, no one would contact me and I had to wait to see if the legislation passed in order to apply any further. Oh…and they would notify me when said legislation passed.

I explained I never was contacted and that “she” (the legal assistant) promised to notify me as soon as we were eligible.


Now we are being threatened with everything we had worked so hard for to be thrown away. Phhbbbtttttt.

Now here I sit completely unable to work and ready to file disability only to find out that I may have to start everything from scratch because I followed everything I was told to do by the letter. Isn’t that wonderful? I am thrilled *insert sarcasm here* to death. It damn near may be the death of me. They need “X” amount of money and a lawyer to call and beg them for an extension. Again, I am unable to work. I feel so defeated. I feel so let down. I feel like even when you try to do the right thing, it doesn’t work in your favor. The case will cost me a total of $3500 I could make a down payment but 340 of that is upfront (for the visa) and I need a deposit which is usually HALF of that, meaning around 1000 dollars or more. I hate to think my first $2000.00 plus dollars is going to be a wasted amount of money and time and effort. So if you have an immigration case, please don’t be stupid and trusting. Be very very aggressive. These people don’t give a damn about anything but their money.


About Human Rights Advocate

Some people know me as the Fruit Fly! I used to host a radio show with a similar name. Now I am just Susan. I advocate for Human Rights because the world needs a voice. I founded a project called We Are 1 Voice" and we advocate for education, peaceful thinking and unity. We give people a Voice to be heard. Please see our blog project or visit
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