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Voice of Step Parenting

When you’re a step-parent, there’s a good chance that the other biological parent is still in the picture. If you’re lucky, the other parent is a good co-parent. They help out when things come up and you need them to watch the kids for an evening, they’re willing to assist with things like school clothes and supplies, and other random stuff that pops up. You WANT the other parent to be a good co-parent. If your partner and their co-parent are able to maintain a friendship, that’s even better. I think it’s wonderful for the kids to see that two individuals who have decided to end their marriage can still be friendly. It doesn’t always have to be full of anger and frustration. 

But what happens when the co-parent oversteps boundaries? When they start crossing lines? 

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Some people know me as the Fruit Fly! I used to host a radio show with a similar name. Now I am just Susan. I advocate for Human Rights because the world needs a voice. I founded a project called We Are 1 Voice" and we advocate for education, peaceful thinking and unity. We give people a Voice to be heard. Please see our blog project or visit
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