Really? I mean seriously?

The title of this blog was my exact response to a letter I received today and a phone call I received last week. Both from a law office that couldn’t be any more irresponsible if their life depended on it. I have been waiting 2 years to receive information regarding my husband’s immigration case/ status. I was assured by said law office they would notify me as soon as he was eligible to apply for a particular Visa that was pending in legislation 3 years back.

National Visa Center never contacted me.

Law office never contacted me.

Last Thursday I got a phone call informing me I was about to lose everything I previously paid them for because well, I never contacted the NVC about my husband’s Visa.

The law office told me that after I filed his first stage of immigration paperwork, no one would contact me and I had to wait to see if the legislation passed in order to apply any further. Oh…and they would notify me when said legislation passed.

I explained I never was contacted and that “she” (the legal assistant) promised to notify me as soon as we were eligible.


Now we are being threatened with everything we had worked so hard for to be thrown away. Phhbbbtttttt.

Now here I sit completely unable to work and ready to file disability only to find out that I may have to start everything from scratch because I followed everything I was told to do by the letter. Isn’t that wonderful? I am thrilled *insert sarcasm here* to death. It damn near may be the death of me. They need “X” amount of money and a lawyer to call and beg them for an extension. Again, I am unable to work. I feel so defeated. I feel so let down. I feel like even when you try to do the right thing, it doesn’t work in your favor. The case will cost me a total of $3500 I could make a down payment but 340 of that is upfront (for the visa) and I need a deposit which is usually HALF of that, meaning around 1000 dollars or more. I hate to think my first $2000.00 plus dollars is going to be a wasted amount of money and time and effort. So if you have an immigration case, please don’t be stupid and trusting. Be very very aggressive. These people don’t give a damn about anything but their money.

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The Gulabi Gang …. Indian women vigilantes!!

Great article.

It Is What It Is


~~July 1, 2014~~ 

The Gulabi gang (from Hindi गुलाबी gulabī, “pink”) is a group of Indian women vigilantes and activists originally from BundelkhandUttar Pradesh, but reported to be active across North India as of 2010.



The Gulabi gang was founded by Sampat Pal Devi, a mother of five and former government health worker (as well as a former child bride), as a response to widespread domestic abuse and other violence against womenGulabis visit abusive husbands and threaten to beat them with laathis (sticks) unless they stop abusing their wives.

In 2008, they stormed an electricity office in Banda district and forced officials to turn back on the power they had cut in order to extract bribes. They have also stopped child marriages and protested dowry and female illiteracy.

The group, which the Indian media portray positively, are reported to have an estimated 400,000 members…

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5 Hardest Things To Come By As a Young Transperson

Amazing blog by my Transgender Youth blogger. Please read!

Voice of Transgender Youth

There’s a plethora of problems to deal with not living in skin your uncomfortable in. Your body namely doesn’t function the way you’d prefer it to, and then someone’s ALWAYS going to have an opinion on it. There’s no way to know for sure who you can be honest with, pre- and post-surgery, or if you could even tell them your name. But as a child, no matter the circumstances, you’re usually going to be treated like one. Parents especially should know that children and young adults are far more conscious of the world around us then given credit for. And so, we go without, which will start my 5 hardest things to come by as a young transman or transwoman.

5. Validation

“Honey, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
“I wanna be a boy like daddy!”

Did anyone else remember a soft chuckle and…

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You Win…

Amazing description of emotional abuse.

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Important health issue. I was clueless. Check it out from my blogger on We Are 1 Voice!

Voice for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Dou you see that white spot? There were no warning signs or symptoms. .. just ear infections. That is a cholesteatoma.
It’s a cyst that grows and grows, destroying the bones inside my head.

How many ear infections are normal? 1 or two a YEAR! I had many more than that. Some doctors will only treat the infection… if you or your child have 3 or more in a year DEMAND a CAT scan. My first c-toma was undetected for so long when I went for surgery the doctor said I was probably only months away from dying of meningitis. It makes me sad to hear so many stories from parents who didn’t know what to ask or look for so I beg everyone… please read for more info

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You have to wonder sometimes…

Seriously you have to wonder sometimes. I see things in the news and on TV and it horrifies me. I wonder how people can DO that stuff? Are they mentally ill? Are they on drugs? Are they a sociopath? How do you laugh in the face of children who walk thousands of miles just to be safe? As a parent of adopted children, how do you do that? How do you ruthlessly murder people in cold blood. Just because you don’t like the uniform they wear?


I have had friends screaming about the end of the world. Or the world as we know it. It’s scary stuff. Is it the end? I don’t think it is the proverbial “End” in the Biblical sense. It does frighten me though. It all seems to boil down to Politics. Sadly. Every single hateful thing has been political. I always say that true politics are actually somewhere down the middle of the 2 most famous parties. That it isn’t all Democratic or Republican. I think either of these parties unchecked can be dangerous to us as a country. The sad part is right now the Tea Party folks’ cheese has slid right off their cracker. They have completely alienated their conservative base and the politicians are acting ridiculous just to get elected. The have a whole news channel dedicated to their idiocy and their violence. (God help me for saying that “out loud” because now someone will probably send me death threats.)


It used to be in this country we were able to , even with the definition of parties, communicate about issues without massive violence. At least it seems that way. I really am moved to believe that the massive influx of social media has ruined it for everyone. Honestly, these people we read and hear about every day now, have probably always been there we just didn’t know it. Or know it soon enough.  So what is the solution? How do we fix this mess? Never has any man been more interested in a woman’s uterus than in the past 5 years. Never have people cared so much about football as they have since Michael Sam and the Redskins mascot fiasco. Why is it so difficult on such a very basic level to be humane and kind? You don’t have to agree with it. The point is it is someone’s life. You don’t get to run it. You don’t get to make decisions for them.  You don’t get to be an asshole about it when you don’t agree with it. You don’t get to randomly kill people because you didn’t get your way. It’s all gotten so out of control. I personally hold the extremists responsible for catering to this fiasco that is America. if you don’t like it, leave. I hear the Middle East caters to all the same beliefs as the Tea Party does. Maybe they would get along? You have to wonder sometimes…

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How My Eleven Year Old Son Taught Me That Having a Gay Character in ‘Train Your Dragon’ is Important

So important. We need to listen to our children. Hear their voices.

evoL =

Guest post by Mindy Forsythe.  Mindy is also the adoptive mom in the evolequals story   The Real True Story About How Parents Adopted Out Their Child When He Told Them He Was Gay



My eleven year old son Mason has been a big fan of DreamWork’s “How to Train Your Dragon”. In the new sequel, DreamWorks plans for Gobber the Belch to reveal his homosexuality.  Dean DeBlois, writer-director and openly gay himself, told E! News that the character’s acknowledgement will be subtle.  Subtle or not, this is exciting news for our family.  We have four beautiful children aged eleven to nineteen.  They are typical siblings…fighting one minute and best friends the next.  Two of our children, however, have a relationship that has shown me just how important and influential DreamWorks’s decision to include gay characters really is.

Mason, the baby in our family, is athletic, intelligent, tough as nails…

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